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The Heritage Syrup Festival in Henderson was our greatest ever. Thanks, Henderson, for loving my novels.

We had fun at Arusha's Coffee in downtown Belton today, Saturday. Near the end of the day, Margie stepped out of her high bar chair to help with a sale, the chair slipped backward, she fell to the floor on hands and knees, the back of the heavy metal chair cracked her in the back of the head. She declared, "I'm all right," and rose quickly with her hand in mine. Well, we're home for the evening, and she's sitting with an ice pack on the back of her head/neck. I'll watch her closely for 24-36 hours, then put her back to work! Just kidding.

MY NEW NOVEL,  THE RELUCTANT RANGER, IS PUBLISHED. I have copies on hand for sale from this website and in person.  Price is still $15, no shipping charge. 

E-Book is also available on Kindle, Nook, and others. Price there is $3.99.

Upcoming Venues 


Guest Speaker at Kimble County Library, Junction, TX, Wed. Nov 13, 12-1 Luncheon. NOTICE: Look for a new date for this Junction visit soon. At the time we set this up, I expected to have my new book, THE RELUCTANT RANGER, in hand. We have postponed it because the book wasn't here. Now it is! 

Pflugerville Pfun Pfest, The telling of the Texas/German Story. Saturday, November  23. Inside event. Comfortable but gratifying.


Christmas on Old Fort Concho. A grand event in Historic San Angelo. Three days with exhibits, acts, cannon fire, food, and vendors. We're one of 'em! Friday to Sunday, December 6 to 8. One of our favorite Events.