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LITTLE STONE MOUNTAIN, is published and on hand for shipping. It is a modern day mystery that takes off on the old Stone family. Hail Stone is the last surviving member of the clan. He stands to come into a fortune if he lives. But border troubles & health problems almost guarantee that he won't. After several months on the market, more and more of my buyer/friends are telling me it's my best novel yet. I don't know. Well, maybe.

The Mitt Stone series of books is available in e book form on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes&Noble/Nook, and Apple/ibooks. This includes the new LITTLE STONE MOUNTAIN. Just go to Kindle, or other, and put in my name. All are priced at $3.99.

Thanks to Sarah Gordy and husband Tom, and many others with the Friends organization at Burnet's Herman Brown Free Library. What a fabulous library they have with recent remodeling. We were warmly received by an audience of forty or so. They were generous with their praise and with their pocket books. Thanks, Burnet. We love you. 

Christmas at Old Fort Concho, San Angelo, is one of our favorite events. Thanks to all the friendly folks of that city.

Boerne received a generous rain followed by three inches of snow on the day before Christmas Market Days. The City fathers made the decision that the turf on the plaza could not take the set up and foot traffic of the two-day event. So, instead of winding down our year with a 21 gun salvo, we went out with a whimper. 

Met a nifty lady at the Johnson City Library on our way home: Maggie Goodman, the director. She said she would contact me toward an official visit to their "Friends" organization.

I'll start the new year's lineup of events soon. Write to me at: books@denzelholmes.com
would love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.