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LITTLE STONE MOUNTAIN, is published and on hand for shipping. It is a modern day mystery that takes off on the old Stone family. Hail Stone is the last surviving member of the clan. He stands to come into a fortune if he lives. But border troubles & health problems almost guarantee that he won't. After several months on the market, more and more of my buyer/friends are telling me it's my best novel yet. I don't know. Well, maybe.

The Mitt Stone series of books is available in e book form on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes&Noble/Nook, and Apple/ibooks. This includes the new LITTLE STONE MOUNTAIN. Just go to Kindle, or other, and put in my name. All are priced at $3.99.

We had a wonderful time with the Johnson City Library Book Club, thanks to Library Director Maggie Goodman. Just a small group of dedicated lady readers and promoters of literacy around the table. They asked smart questions and seemed to appreciate Margie and me. Thanks, Maggie!

As usual we had a blast at the Temple Literacy Council. We had a "packed" board room, i.e., some 25 sweet souls braved the cold and came out. I've spoken to them three times over the years and they are always a pleasure. I reviewed Little Stone Mountain. Thanks Don Stiles and book buyers. My family, Margie, Janet and her sons, Connor and Rush were there. A rare treat. Love you guys!

I'll start the new year's lineup of events soon. Write to me at: books@denzelholmes.com
would love to hear from you!

Upcoming in 2018

Boerne Market Days, Downtown on the Plaza. This replaces the one that was canceled because of snow. Dates are Sat. and Sun., March 10,11, 2018

35th Annual Bluebonnet Festival, Burnet, TX, on the square. April 13 - 15, 2018