When the spontaneous nature of Mitt Stone takes hold, nothing can stop him. Up to now, he had known his enemy, and carried forth with amazing success. Friends made it possible. Did he still have them? This time he will have to set aside Lydia and the kids, his ranching plans, and enter a world he does not understand.

A Texas Ranger who hates Mitt gives him good advice. Good, if he intends to pursue a phantom, the vicious killer of his six year old niece. His earlier nature takes over. When Bob Guthrie, Gilberto Saliz, and M.L. Carter join Mitt in Belton, Texas, the town will never be the same. Neither will its horse racing. They get some unexpected help from a preacher and a sect of celibate women.

Instead of finding a single killer known only as Merlin Journey, Mitt identifies five men. Four try to kill him. Interrogation techniques are a problem. An Old West murder mystery is played out in the little town with the most active, corrupt racetrack in Texas. Mitt finds no help from the local marshals or the sheriff. He is alone to make all the decisions, or is he?

(This is a work of fiction. All characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.)

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Last Race Sunday
Martha McWhirter in Senior Years
Belton 1878
                  Rev. M.V.B. Smith
         Mitt's Dark Bay Stallion
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