Denzel's first novel, published in 2003, was a surprise along the way while researching for the novel which became The Horse Thief and the Lady. While visiting Old Fort Enge at Uvalde, he met a man who took a great interest in the work. Tom Schliesing is a descendant of the New Braunfels Germans. Prince Solms bought the Comal Fountains and founded the colony/city in 1845.

Tom loaned Denzel several history books and they became friends by E-Mail. Denzel allowed Tom to read his early manuscript. Tom wrote, "Would you ever be interested in co-writing a novel about the German immigration to Texas?"

Looking for a next engaging topic Denzel eventually accepted the proposition. Tom had created and named a number of German characters and outlined a plot. A German prince would found a colony in Old Texas. Unlike Prince Solms, our Prince Carl would stay for the long haul and endure the hardships, sadness, defeat, and eventual victory on the Texas frontier.

Texas Victory became and Epic novel paralleling the true history of the German settlements, involving true life characters, and bringing resolution to the many conflicts in Carl's life.

Texas Victory
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