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In late 2019 my new novel THE RELUCTANT RANGER was published and we took it to the two remaining events for the year: Pflugerville Pfun Fest and San Angelo's Christmas at Old Fort Concho. It was so well received by our readers! We were super excited. Before our first 2020 event would have taken place, the Covid-19 Shutdown went into place. The rest is history.

I HOPE MY LOYAL READERS WILL ORDER THE RELUCTANT RANGER from this website and enjoy some old time pleasure while you're at home. You don't need to pull up an order blank. Just write your address on a clean piece of paper, enclose a check for $15, and I'll send it right out. You can also use a debt/credit card. May God bless us all during these trying days.

E-Book is also available on Kindle, Nook, and others. Price there is $3.99.

Margie and do not plan to travel with our books in 2021.        I reached age 81 at the first of the year and Margie suffers from osteoarthritis. She's a brave soul and has helped me set up our booth - done most of the work - for ten years. She still would if I insisted. I can't do that anymore. We'll miss the exchange with each of you, and hope that you'll drop us a line now and then. 

As we book individual events, we'll post it here during 2021. I just sent four of my titles to the Kerrville Museum of Western Art for sale there.

For the record, I have Eight Titles (books), and they are all offered on this website.Retail price is $14.95 each plus tax. Each is a substantial volume in Trade Paperback (high quality paperback). Texas Victory is the longest with over 200,000 words. 
On this website, all books are priced at $15, tax and shipping included.